What is Trade credit?

Trade credit is an agreement wherein customers can buy goods without paying cash and agrees to pay at a later date. Credit is typically given for 30, 60, or 90 days after invoice is raised.

What is Trade credit insurance?

Trade Credit is a whole Turnover policy for all buyers and is designed to safeguards companies against the failure of non-payment of a commercial trade debt arising from Insolvency and/or Protracted default. Political risk can be covered for buyers outside India. Maximum insured percentage is 85% under this policy.

How do we do it?

Sanyog Trade Credit team uses a detailed, data-driven approach to identify and measure risks in the trade credit insurance marketplace. Our extensive financial analysis helps define the total cost of risk based when utilizing multiple loss mitigation methods.

Our solutions offer protection of accounts receivables against non-payment due to slow pay, insolvency or foreign non-transfer risk. Coverage is designed to prevent disruptive losses, reduce risk of key account concentration levels, and provide risk transfer of bad debt issues.

Companies can also enhance their bank financing in terms of improving the lending relationship, enhance their balance sheet and gain access to more capital at reduced rates.

Additionally, Sanyog Trade Credit solutions can support sales in new or riskier markets, grow existing accounts, and strengthen customer relationships by helping buyers with letter-of-credit requirements and other issues.

What can Sanyog do?

Our services include:

  • Developing, structuring and servicing Global trade credit insurance
  • Assisting clients throughout the year for Buyer Risk Assessment in coordination with underwriter and getting approval for Buyer Credit limits
  • Claims assistance and helping clients negotiate claims