Cattle insurance protects the people from financial loss incurred due to the unexpected death of their cattle. Your animals are considered your personal property. With cattle insurance, farmers will get comprehensive protection against the cattle loss.

Cattle are considered one of the most valued possessions of the rural community. Marginal, small and medium livestock farmers earn considerable portion of their income from cattle rearing. Since the livelihood of farmers depend so much on them, it becomes important to get cattle insurance for comprehensive coverage against cattle loss. The Cattle insurance policy broadly covers death of the cattle. In this context Sanyog Insurance Brokers and with the help of HO Technology has been working for the development of Cattle Insurance Market by Real time Identification (RTI) Tracking in Maharashtra.

The goal of the project is to create a digital platform named “Pashusampada Suraksha-Livestock Insurance” using IoT (Internet of Things) and Real time Identification (RTI) technology in rural & Urban areas of the Maharashtra to improve record keeping on livestock species.

Most importantly, a cattle insurance policy to safeguard cattle farmers is part and parcel of the platform. Above all, the “Pashu Sampada Suraksha” platform aims to implement the avail risk assurance mission and vision for rural socio-economic development through the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in livestock extension activities and Development.