We bring balance to your risk

We operate as clients’ risk advisors within a framework that enables us to understand and identify business risks. We offer comprehensive, end-to-end, risk management solutions that include strategies to measure, manage, mitigate and transfer risks.

Client Needs Assessment

Understanding the needs of a client becomes imperative in designing the best suite of solutions. This requires a research-based model that delves into understanding specific client requirements that will enable the teams to have a 360-degree view of the risk landscape.

Risk Evaluation

After risk assessment is completed and the risk landscape is understood, the Sanyog Risk Evaluation Process begins. This involves identification of the risks and measuring probability and impact potential of the risks involved. This process also includes the assessment of risk treatment options available and leads into understanding not only the direct risks involved but secondary and indirect risks as well.

Risk Management Consulting

After the risks are identified and quantified, the Sanyog team of risk advisors will structure a risk management solution tailor-made to suit the business risk requirements as identified in the risk evaluation process. This process involves collaborating with business stakeholders for risk forecasting, impact assessment, risk analysis and making recommendations for better risk management.

Risk Mitigation

The risk mitigation process involves not only identifying transferable risks – but also strategizing ways and means to eliminate or reduce existing risks, anticipating future risks and devising mechanisms to minimise the chances of occurrence.

Risk Transfer

The risk transfer mechanism involves a control strategy, transfer plan and execution. The transfer plan is created after identifying and procuring customised, innovative insurance solutions and partnering with insurance providers and insuring these risks.

Client Service

The Sanyog team continuously engages with clients throughout the policy lifecycle ensuring that all steps of the process are followed, and the clients’ risk is well managed. This team is the custodian of creating seamless client servicing experience for our clients. The client service team is responsible for ensuring that the entire lifecycle of interaction is efficient and effective with optimising value for every transaction and that highest levels of customer satisfaction – are met.

Claims Consulting

A robust claims consulting capability is essential for a smooth claims-advisory and claims-management experience. Our claims consultants help in businesses bouncing back from negative impacts without major negative impact to business. The Sanyog claims capability advices on difficult and complicated claims and our expert team of brokers will help manage claims in a systematic and process-oriented manner. Claims consulting program will also ensure that claims admitted. In case of complex or difficult claims, this team will help bring in both internal and external experts to resolve the issues.