What is Multinational Client Business coverage?

When a business operates in more than two countries, there is a lot that it can benefit from a partner who can provide multinational solutions that include knowledge of local markets, regulations, practices, tax concerns, coverage requirements, and exposures. Multinational Client Business coverage responds to clients’ risk transfer and risk retention needs and help them grow despite the various global exposures.

How do we do it?

We have a dedicated team that has expertise in servicing Multi-National Clients. Our team of experts can serve international clients with risks in India helping them adhere to global risk management practices. We ensure execution of global programs, adherence to globally defined service standards, and provide regular feedback to global risk managers. For Indian companies with risks abroad, we develop, execute, and manage their risk management programs from India and enable placement of insurance in the respective countries outside India.

Our model is founded on the principle of putting our clients first. We take the time to understand client’s international business philosophy and profile to proactively identify and evaluate global risk exposures. With this insight, we design a global program tailored to client’s risks that is cost-effective, compliant, and administratively efficient.

Need for Multinational Client Business coverage

Multinational businesses may face criminal charges, lawsuits, or fines simply because they do not have proper coverage for exposures. The risk also includes failure to comply to local regulations, lack of response to a claim, or not understanding the tax regulations. Multinational Client Business coverage is required to understand the risks involved and getting the right coverage for various risks.

What can Sanyog do?
Our services include:
  • Risk evaluation, developing, structuring and servicing of international insurance programs for Clients with international operations.
  • Establish trusted relationships throughout our multinational network. Appreciation of cultural norms, nuances, and personal relationships.
  • Having local professionals experienced in servicing both controlled master program underlyers and independent local insurance policies in all countries that a client may be operating from.
  • Good understanding of the local market and of the Regulatory Framework ensuring compliance.
  • Claims assistance and helping clients negotiate claims.
  • Use of technology to manage the program.