What is an Affinity program?

In the world of insurance, Affinity is an emerging concept that has gained importance in the global emerging insurance industry in search of new channels of distribution. An Affinity program is created by using the purchasing power of a group of people who have common interests to create a scheme that is related to the shared interest to add value to both the members and organizers of the group.

How do we do it?

At Sanyog, our affinity model has been created for organizations that wish to sell insurance alongside their main activities and understand that insurance is not just increasing revenue but about creating a long-term relationship with their customers and providing more value.

We use an analytical approach to offer proven solutions to our clients. We strive hard to bring well-designed products to our clients so that they get the best solution at the best price and terms. Sanyog can help clients meet the following objectives:

  • Customized product offerings
  • End to end technology platform
  • Full-service brokerage abilities
  • Predictive analytical methods, reporting, and retention strategy
  • Access to comprehensive industry data
  • Broking capabilities to get competitive rates and best products
  • Exclusive carrier relationships
  • Innovative client delivery
  • Risk management expertise

A key aspect of the success of the Affinity operations is the group management that demonstrates strong commitment to achieve the benefits. There can be seen a win-win strategy between Sanyog and its affinity partners. Sanyog being an insurance broker, gains in reaching out to more customers and our partners gain by offering a customized value-added product to their customers, hence increasing customer loyalty.

Need for Affinity

The reason to starts an Affinity program varies for different groups. The common reasons are mainly to bring in new products and reduce the prices.

What can Sanyog do?

At Sanyog we believe in a mutually beneficial and a long-term relationship both with our partners and with their customers.

Why Sanyog?
  • Our relationship and access to top-most carriers in the Industry not only in India but globally.
  • Transparency
  • Creative Product designing and placement
  • Our access to global knowledge on affinity programs across industries.

Sanyog is an experienced broker who understands how to match client needs with underwriters who can offer the best possible solution in terms of conditions, coverage, and pricing. Sanyog believes in transparent communication which means that the pricing will be accurate, and negotiations will be effective, and offers better outcomes to support mutual partnership objectives.